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tips and trick to increase the blog viewer stats

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ladies and gentleman  .what had i founded today is that i had found several tips and tricks for you guys

to help increase the viewers stats

it is easy to increase the viewer stats as long as we know how to increase it

  1. blogwalking

this is the most common ways to  increase the viewers stats . what is the meaning of blogwalking ? blogwalking means you drop by someone website and put some comments .so what is the basic purpose of the blogwalking ? blogwalking try to create some bonds to each other blogger.

2 web submissions

the second way is easy too . so web submissions means that you collect your website to some searching engine such as google and etc . so people can find  your website through search engine

3 promote

this is also the basic way . when i was first publish my blog i was trying to promote it to my friend by some messengers,and social networks , email and put it in the board in my campus .

by these promotions I have increased a lot viewer stat

4 make the other comfortable

by making the viewer feel that it is really comfortable to be visit your website , it will increase the traffic stat too

and those are the ways how to increase the viewer

and for some informations i will show you some web submissions

1 google

2 yahoo

3 bing

4 business seek

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  1. these are very helpful ! thanks

  2. Thanks, it is good and informative and having good work………………. Once again thanks World Pictures

  3. Great post will return for updates.

  4. Thx for this.. a query.
    how about those free websites where you can freely advertise?
    do you have some links ? post it will you ?


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