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The 5 most luxury toilet in the world

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In this moment we will show you the 5 most luxury toilet in the world.This toilet can make you feel that you wanna live in the toilet forever with its luxury things.

1. The Isis (Swarovski ) Toilet

The Isis was designed by Jamal Wright . This Toliet covered in Swarovski Crystal and you can obtain it by paying 75000$ dollar. Nowonder that the Isis is really expensive.

2. Chromeosomeâ„¢ Toilet

Another toilet that is designed by Jemal Wright. But what make it different that you can find the swarovski crystal only at the flush button. The toilet is made of chrome. Such a nice toilet I think.

3.Art Ceram Fontana Toilet and Bidet

The dual-tone color make this toilet look more colourful.This toilet is suitable for them who love simple style yet amazing.Although it looks simple but it is really catchy

4.Imperial Toilet

Those leaf designs was fully handmade.This toilet was designed for the king and queen in ancient time in China. By buying this toilet , It can make you feel proud of having it.

5. Julien Bench Toilet

Troy Adams , The designer of this toilet , desingned it for Julien.This toilet got some award such as DPHA
(Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association) in the Innovative New Plumbing Product of the Year Award in 2007 category

Thats all our 5 most luxury toilet in the world based on our research

Dante 789

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