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The 5 most dangereous mountain in the world

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Ladies and Gentelmen, Have you ever seen the “2012” movie? Yes it reminds us of some great disasters. One of them are mountain explosion. Can you imagine what about 2012 gonna be happen in our real life? What will you do?

Based on our research we have decided the 5 most dangereous mountain in the world.

These are the lists

1 Mount Junior Krakatau

Location : Selat Sunda , between Sumatra and Java , Indonesia

The creating process of Junior Krakatau Mountain

This mountain grew from the former Krakatau mountain. According to the info that we get , we found that Junior krakatau mountain keep on growing till now. This is because the mountain still producing some materials that cover up the mountain. The height of junior krakatau mountain increases gradually 4 cm each year.

The history of Junior Krakatau Mountain

It erupted in 1883. This great explosion caused the changing of the climate.It became dark for about 2 days because the vulcanic ash had covered up the atmosphere.The sound of the explosion also heard till Rodrigues in Africa.Its estimated that the power of this eruption 30000 times from the atomic bom in Nagasaki.

The Mystery Of Junior Krakatau Mountain

Many people make a confession that they have ever watched animals that looks weird in their size. Some people also stated that they have ever heard the sound of human. But when the police patrol around , they never found such things or heard any human voice calling.

2. Mount Ibu

Location : Halmahera island , Indonesia

PVMBG had stated that this mountain is in cautious condition. Ibu mount ever erupted in the past 2008.The last eruption from this mountain happened in 1912.This mountain is one of the five mountains in the North Sulawesi thats still active.

3.Mount Semeru

Location : Java , Indonesia

The most dangereous is that the height of this mountain is 3676 meters in java. Now Semeru mountain is gathering its vulcanic material to its centre. Its hot and cold lava have to be awared by human too. Its predicted that this mount gonna erupt soon.


4.Mount Seulawah

Location : Aceh , Indonesia

There is an increasing status from normal. This is the first mountain that starting its vulcanic activity in aceh.Due to this warning, Citizens are prohibited to live near this mountain.This mountain has slept over 400 years. This is one of the reasons why people shock when there is vulcanic activity.


5. Yellowstone mount

Location : Yellowstone , USA

Yellowstone National Park located directly above the one of the biggest supervolcano mountain in the world.Experts afraid that if this mountain erupt then it will be a doomsday for Usa. 2/3 of America cant be lived by human anymore because of the poison air. The eruption was estimated to kill all living things at the radius 1600 km or 1000 mil.

Thats all the 5 most dangereous mountains in the world. Can you imagine if all of them erupt together?

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