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Guys , I found some important messages from one of my friend blog. JYJ’ fans in Indonesia should read this.
This is the project so that JYJ will come to Indonesia. Help her guys 🙂

hello again. this is the last mission we’ll do. i got this message from cassie’s group in fb and i’ll post it here. please read the rules carefully.


Sorry for making you wait for so long. We make a new mission while waiting for the previous mission’s result and more convincing the promoter and C-JeS. Please read carefully:

JYJ World Tour Concert-Indonesia Reconsideration

1. You must fill the name and email address
2. You have to fill the email address with your real email address (email address will not be shared to anyone)
3. You must not fill more than once. This is to show the actual number of JYJ’s fans
4. Focus on JYJ! (You are not allowed to offend sensitive issues such as DBSK, shipper, etc)
5. Messages are written in English, Korean, or Japanese. (Ask for JYJ Concert in Indonesia)

Petition Link:

Petitions will be COUNTED until Saturday, 2 April 2011 21:00 local time (23.00 KST)

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