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Here is some spoilers of glee which I would like to share it with you

Prom Queen, Here Quinn Comes

Relationships on Glee are always interesting. Sometimes they don’t last longer than an episode or two, but still, always interesting. From the abundant praise for the well received two new relationships – Klaine (Kurt/Blaine) and Brittana (Brittany/Santana) – to the ongoing push and pull of Wemma and Finchel, there’s always somebody with somebody.
Speaking of Finchel, Cory Monteith (Finn) recently had a teeny-tiny spoiler to tell while on the PaleyFest red carpet:

“I think Finn is being used by Quinn for her prom queen aspirations. I think he’s going to wise up to that at some point. Maybe that’s going to send him in the other direction…”

I always love Finn character development, and this sounds like a potential moment ripe with that. But other than the latest Finchel news, what else new will be going on with Glee? I mean, other than what we already know. Here are a couple extra spoiler tidbits for upcoming episodes:

* Episode 19 of season 2 will be one you’ll want to watch out for. Why’s that? Because based on casting news, we’ll be getting a peek at Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) little bro and little sis.

* Brittany gets athletic: Heather Morris told THR on the press line that Brittany will join the decathlon team in an upcoming episode.

* Quinn’s baby just might make an appearance: Brad Falchuk assured fans that Quinn and Puck’s baby is “living happily with her mom, Shelby.” The producer pointed out that baby Beth’s first birthday is in June, then left fans this tease: “So, we’ll see…”

Any ideas for a Beth-Shelby storyline? Even if it’s only for an episode. I for one would sure like to see the Puck-and-Quinn dynamic pop up again, and this sounds like the perfect excuse.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter

‘Glee’ Spoilers on Episode 2.19, New “Romantic” Pairing and Season 2 Finale
Who wants to meet Sam’s little brother and sister? You’ll soon get your chance, according to more than one sources:

* They’ll will appear in season 2 episode 19.
* Sam isn’t the only “Trouty Mouth” in the family.

Wonder will Glee end its season with a cliffhanger?

* That’s negatory. We’re not saying the show won’t leave you with some questions to ponder over the long, hot summer. But the episode doesn’t end with an “OMG WTF”-type mind twister.

What leads Kurt to return to McKinley High on Glee?

* With the Warblers’ competitive season kaput, New Directions eyes an opportunity to get their old soprano back. But there’s a twist, and it involves a power play from an unexpected source within the NDs.

Ausiello is also writing to look for a very unlikely “romantic” pairing to take shape as the show’s second season enters the homestretch.

Sticky Relationships and Upcoming Storylines

Can you imagine a relationship stickier and more of a shock than Puckleberry was? Yeah, neither can I. And yet, the gauntlet has been thrown to one potential pairing that we’re hoping does not happen. Or maybe you’re hoping it will happen.
Get the lowdown on that and more, as I hit you with some spoilers:

* Scoop on Sam and Rachel together? Sam and Rachel – when did that rumor happen? As of right now, the consensus is no…but knowing Glee and Ryan Murphy and co, that might not be a “no” forever. Let’s see, that would put a damper on Santana-and-Sam, Quinn-and-Sam, Finn-and-Rachel…and maybe Quinn-and-Finn, as a domino effect? Anyone else getting confused?

* Speaking of Quinn…there’ll be at least one more Rachel-Quinn moment coming up as super-awesome as that one in the auditorium face-off. Not to mention there’s word about that duet.

* We’re all hungry for some more Tina storylines, and apparently there is one on the horizon! I’m definitely up for that, I’ve been a bit miffed at Tina not getting her shine on in the spotlight since season 1. Are some more serious Tina solos too much to ask for?

So which relationships are you rooting for? Now it’s your turn to “hit” the comments.

Source: E! Online

Return of the Jesse St. Sexy
We were not expecting his return at all, but sources have confirmed that Jonathan Groff will reprise his role as Jesse St. Sexy James in the final three episodes of the season.

“He’s back to apologize to Rachel,” confides a source close to the show, “and perhaps get her back.”

And we thought all the romance and pairings couldn’t get any more complicated. Well, Glee should be proof that romance can always get more complicated.
Do you think this will complicate Finchel even more, or make it stronger? We do have Finn off pursuing Quinn at the moment, so maybe this will be a good opportunity for Jesse to make his re-entrance. Thoughts?

Source: TV Line

Glee Season 2 Episode 17 “A Night of Neglect” Guide
Underdogs unite! Of course not if Sue has anything to say about it (and you just know Sue will have something to say about it. Check out these spoilers for episode 17 of season 2, “A Night of Neglect”:

* Another under-appreciated club at McKinley is having trouble raising funds, and since New Directions knows what it feels like to be the underdogs, they quickly rally to help out.

* But as soon as Sue hears about the two underdog clubs banding together, naturally she plans to put a stop to it.

* Meanwhile, the kids have some “big decisions” to make – both in relationships and otherwise.

Source: FOX

Glee Goes Gaga Again!
Okay, I’ve got good news and bad news (and you’re probably rolling your eyes with that one – I know, totally uncool). But I’m going to go ahead and run with it anyway. Bad news first?
The bad news is…Glee actually won’t be returning until April 19, rather than the original April 12 return air date we were expecting (but hey, it coincides perfectly with the Warblers CD release). The good news (and there’s lots to this good news) is…the return episode will be an extra-special long 90-minute episode (more than likely, don’t hold me to that), featuring another Lady Gaga tribute!

“While not another tribute outing, the episode’s theme of self-acceptance was inspired by the singer’s runaway hit “Born this Way.” In fact, the title of the episode is “Born This Way” and it concludes with a rousing performance of the No. 1 smash.”

Check out the details of that, and more upcoming spoilers, down below:

* The episode will pay tribute not only to Lady Gaga but to bully Dave Karofsky – and, honoring actor Max Adler’s wish to see Karofsky perform a number (and namely, this particular number), we’ll get to see none other than him perform “Born This Way”.

* The theme of course won’t just revolve around Karofsky, it will be carried through to all our other favorite Gleeks as the question of self-esteem (especially in the form of body image) arises: Lauren Zizes will campaign for prom queen (give Quinn a run for her money? Haha), and Rachel will contemplate a nose job (inspired I’m sure by Lea Michele’s own life).

* It has yet to be confirmed one-hundred percent by FOX, but the 90-minute episode extension is because of a couple extra numbers being added to the set list – though we’re not yet sure if those will also be more Gaga songs to follow in the footsteps of “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”.

* Here’s a little something unrelated to the return Lady Gaga tribute but kind of similar, content-wise – there’s a rumor that Sam will be kicked out of his house because he’s gay (what?!). But, the part of that rumor that IS true is that we’ll get to see some of Sam’s home life in an upcoming episode called, “Rumors” (which I’m guessing coincides with seeing Sam’s little bro and sis). The reason for this plot line? Suspicious that Quinn is cheating on him with Sam, Finn goes on a stakeout with Rachel – at Sam’s house. Finchels, rejoice.

Source: TV Line

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