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Rumours and Spoilers for episodes 2×19 and 2×20!
I’ve been told Faberry are singing I Feel Pretty/Unpretty mash up. Unpretty is obvs the TLC song, and assuming I Feel Pretty is West Side Story (as people have stormed my inbox to tell me), but if it’s that song that everyone thinks of then whaaaat? Weird mash up

Santana’s date to the prom is…
Jacob Ben Israel was interviewing Puck about Lauren and he said that “Lauren and I are ahead of Santana and Dave” or something like that. He was talking about prom king and queen.
Quinn is obvs the front runner so far.

Kristin Chenoweth and Matt Morrison will duet to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac in the choir room.

Cast is supposedly filming ‘Don’t Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac right now. Dunno or sure since my friend hasn’t started filming yet but it was mentioned on set.

Okay I understand these might not make sense but I’m just going off the msgs I got, and I have to go to work so I can’t ask for clarification…lol. SORRY FOR CONFUSING YOU ALL. OFF TO WORK. Might be able to answer stuff later

Finchel scene in the hall. Finn tells Rachel he heard Jesse was coming back to perform with them at prom, and Rachel tells him that Will wants a break to dance, so Jesse is there to help (I’m assuming a break would mean that Jesse is helping with glee club somehow, or volunteering to help at Prom, I don’t know!)

Sam, Mercedes, Rachel, and Jesse might all be going to prom together. (no idea, they said something about having a prom budget but i don’t know what that means)

Finn starts bitching about not wanting to go to prom with Quinn because she’s being a bitch (doubt he calls her a bitch, know lol). Rachel tells Finn to get Quinn something simple (in terms of corsage I think), nothing that will distract from her face, and a light green ribbon to match her eyes. (My note: Faberry fans – aw, Rachel talking about what would look good on Quinn)

Rachel also tells Finn that he needs to respect whoever she dates.

They filmed a scene with Mercedes and Rachel. Mercedes is crying over not having a date to the prom. Rachel doesn’t have one either so she suggests they go together. There is a random couple that is making out so it kind of rubs in the fact that they don’t have dates.

Also, about the earlier spoilers I’m not sure why Jesse is there, he’s apparently helping glee club but I don’t know HOW. I think when I mentioned Sam/Rachel/Mercedes going together is because they don’t have dates, but I’m not sure on that. Not everything could be heard in the scene, but kind of makes sense considering they just filmed that Rachel/Mercedes scene after.

Finn feels like he has no dignity because Quinn has him handing out pins to vote them for prom king and queen.

“Hmmm someone got a nose job. I’m confused on how they’ll make that work” (Rachel)

Fuinn get a duet in the rumors episode. Fleetwood Mac song. Don’t know which one, but it was filmed tonight. Happens in the choir room I think.

Thanks To : ontd_glee

Spoilers for upcoming episode!
Coming to Fox this April, a look inside the home lives of the members of New Directions as they prepare for nationals.

Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), desperate for a solo, attempts to convince her parents Evelyn (Margaret Cho) and Jimmy (Ken Jeong), that voice lessons might be the key to gaining a competitive edge over Rachel, who could pee on stage and still get a solo, and Quinn, who’s played by Dianna Agron. Her parents, boyfriend and ex all convince her that she’s good enough to earn the solo on her own, but the truth is that they’ve spent all her voice lesson money on bling for their dog.

After repeatedly discovering deeply-worn-in Cheeto stains on her son’s mattress, Carole Hudson-Hummel (Romy Rosemont) sends Finn’s mattress away to be steam-cleaned. Upon its return (and Finn’s return from a boys-only camping trip with Puck and Mike), Finn discovers that the mattress has shrunk and accuses Kurt and Rachel, his shorter stepbrother and ex respectively, of plotting against him.

Meanwhile, Kurt discovers that Blaine (Darren Criss) has been struggling academically since Kurt’s departure from Dalton Academy and offers to help the fellow junior out with his homework. Blaine is hesitant to invite Kurt over and so Kurt, not at all creepily, follows Blaine home one day only to discover that his boyfriend lives in a closet under some stairs.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) falls asleep in his parents’ basement and wakes up in an internet meme. He is horrified to learn that he is unable to escape it, but he quickly uses it to his advantage and suggests to Mr. Schuester that he perform “Chocolate Rain” at Nationals. Mr. Schuester, while impressed that Sam is willing to explore his lower register, informs young Mr. Evans that the song is a “downer” and offers a more upbeat song from Communist Russia instead.

Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) learns that his father has become a motivational speaker. Empowered by his father’s teachings, he tells Mr. Schuester that he is finally ready to perform a solo in front of the class. Tina is tremendously proud of him, but before he can begin, Artie (Kevin McHale) interrupts him to perform Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Rachel learns an important lesson about irony as her wheelchair-bound classmate “rickrolls” the Glee Club, and Tina’s outrage at Artie’s interruption of Mike’s vocal debut quickly turns to admiration and the two escape the classroom to reconnect. Mike is momentarily heartbroken to so publicly lose his girlfriend, but Sam reminds him that all he needs to do is talk to his dad and look at a reflection of his abs and everything will be OK.

Lacking in a supportive male influence and not having quite the connection with Mr. Schuester that Finn does, Puck rekindles his friendship with Artie. Artie helps him reconnect with his “hood” side, but Puck’s new choice in clothing enrages Principal Figgins (Iqbal Theba) who calls an emergency assembly to admonish the students who insist on “walking through town with their pants on the ground.”

Sam falls asleep again, this time in class. He hallucinates Brad (Brad Ellis) as Keyboard Cat, and a mysterious stranger as his co-star in a hilarious cover of A-Ha’s hit “Take On Me.” He can’t tell if it’s Quinn or Kurt. He is woken up by an accidental elbow to the head by Santana’s new love interest, Jane Anderson, Blaine’s Hot Lesbian Sister (Camilla Belle). Brittany, having bonded with Sam over their mutual learning disabilities, is convinced the elbow is intentional and gets in a knock-down-drag-out fight with Jane. This turns Santana on, as well as Mike, Finn and Puck, but does nothing for Kurt, Sam or Artie, though with the latter this is not an issue of sexuality but rather due to the fact that he is implied to be engaging in intercourse with his on-again lady-love in a corner. This behavior is not visible due to Glee’s TV-14 rating and the producers’ desire to deprive Tina of screentime.

The end of the week is nigh and the students in New Directions, having learned many a lesson, are hesitant to let the week end. Their inspiration comes from an unlikely source, a forty-something cheer coach in a black wig, surrounded by an entourage of blue-suited prep school boys as she extols the benefits of getting off of school property.

Song List-

Diva’s Lament- Spamalot (Tina)
Chocolate Rain- Tay Zonday (Sam)
Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой- Eduard Khil (Will)
Puttin’ On The Ritz- Taco (Mike, iTunes exclusive)
Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley (Artie)
Pants On The Ground- General Larry Platt (Figgins)
Take On Me- A-Ha (New Directions)
Friday- Rebecca Black (Sue and the Warblers)

Source: Here, via ontd_glee

‘Glee’ Turns Off the Singing, Plans All-Silent Episode

Glee is going mute. The hit FOX comedy is planning an upcoming episode that will be an homage to classic silent movies, featuring absolutely no dialogue. Even more surprising, the episode will also silence the singing.

The very special episode of Glee, scheduled to air April 31, will center on New Directions’ quest to communicate with each other without words. BuddyTV spoke to someone involved in the show about the episode, but he asked to remain anonymous, so I’ll just refer to him as Myan Rurphy.

“Writing dialogue is so exhausting that we never have any time to work on plots, so the only way we could actually have something happen on the show was to remove all the talking,” Rurphy said in between sips of a virgin watermelon mojito while sunbathing in the nude beside his infinity pool. “Plus, I’m sick and tired of getting in trouble with Lindsay Lohan for all the lines on the show about how she’s a dirty, thieving skank. Which she is.”

The special silent Glee will also feature a storyline where, to preserve her vocal cords for Nationals, Rachel Berry spends the entire episode with duct tape over her mouth. “I know it’s a dumb idea,” Rurphy said, “But she ruined 28 takes because she couldn’t not sing, so muzzling that diva was the only way to make it work.”

While there won’t be any dialogue in the entire hour, the episode will feature musical accompaniment to set the mood. If you’re sad that this means a week without any new Glee songs to download on iTunes, don’t worry. The episode is going to feature instrumental covers of hit songs, including the holiday classic “Silent Night,” Bjork’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” and No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.”

Glee’s daring new episode is clearly inspired by the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Hush,” which featured the residents of Sunnydale having their voices stolen by evil fairy tale monsters known as the Gentlemen. That episode earned Joss Whedon his only Emmy nomination for the show and is generally regarded as one of its best.

Will Glee’s silent episode be as successful as Buffy’s? Fans will have to tune in to find out, but by being forced not to rely on snappy dialogue or singing, perhaps Glee can focus on plot and, ironically, find its voice.

source: Buddy Tv

Glee present the warblers

Get ready for Glee’s New Directions rivals, The Dalton Academy Warblers to have their own release, Glee: The Music presents The Warblers, available on Tuesday, April 19th.
This release features songs performed by The Dalton Academy Warblers, a male a capella group starring Darren Criss, Chris Colfer and the Tufts University Beelzebubs, tackling such hits as Destiny Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills”, P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass”, Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” and Wings’ “Silly Love Songs”.
The Dalton Academy Warblers debuted on Glee this season with a bang as their version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” had the best first-week sales of any Glee track to date, claims Columbia Records.

Also featured on Glee: The Music presents The Warblers are two album exclusives, the much talked about opening performance of Barbra Streisand’s “What Kind of Fool” from the 2011 MusiCares Person of the Year gala and a never before heard rendition of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”
The full track listing for Glee: The Music presents The Warblers is as follows:

1. Teenage Dream
2. Hey Soul Sister
3. Bills, Bills, Bills
4. Silly Love Songs
5. When I Get You Alone
6. Animal
7. Misery
8. Blackbird
9. Candles
10. Raise Your Glass
11. Somewhere Only We Know
12. What Kind Of Fool
13. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

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